Safe Travels this Christmas

Many of us travel for the holidays, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or another celebration.  In order to be together with your loved ones this year, you may have to get to a central destination. If so, we wish you safe and enjoyable journeys.fc05c1397d04ee7d9f1d3a0e14213a33

Keep in mind that Komarov’s fashionable clothing is made for comfort while you travel. Our stylish pleated garments are made to be stuffed into a travel bag with no worries about wrinkles or the need to iron.


Enjoy your holiday and travel effortlessly and in style with Komarov!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah! Hoping you all enjoy a wonderful holiday this year.  Remember, at Komarov we are here to help you find your perfect Hanukkah outfits for each day of celebration.


Look fabulous and feel comfortable while eating your Latke’s this year in one of our dresses.


From the Komarov family to yours, we wish you a very Happy Hanukkah!

Beautiful Christmas Displays Around the World

Christmas time is a joyous, magical time.  Much of this is due to all of the amazing decorations, lights and installations that go up around the world. Seasonal efforts make this time of year extra special.

There are some fabulous places to experience brilliant Christmas light displays.  We want to share them with you:

Quebec, Canadamaxresdefault

New York City, U.S.2012-12-04-NYCChristmas

Switzerland2012-12-04-SwitzerlandChristmasWherever you celebrate, we at Komarov hope your holiday is a very bright and beautiful one!

Winter Chic

Winter fashion requires planning.  You want to dress warmly and in layers, but for those holiday parties indoors, making a fashion statement is key.


Let Komarov online help you find the perfect dress or outfit to wear this holiday season! Winter chic outfits are effortless at Komarov and we have so many options to choose from. Save yourself a trip to the overcrowded mall this holiday season and shop online at

First Snow

Snow has started to fall in some places.  If you live in an area that undergoes all four seasons, you may be seeing the delightful white powder blanketing your home.  In Los Angeles, although we are not too far from winter snowy areas, we can never be sure whether or not we will witness much of it at all.


Those of you who live where snow is falling, don’t take it for granted! Although you may be frustrated by having to shovel or bundle up and feeling envious of our warm weather, we will be wishing we could experience the blanket of beauty a snowfall brings.


Take a moment to enjoy the winter season and all the beauty it brings with it this year!

Christmas Wish Lists

It’s holiday time of year again!  Christmas is such a wonderful season. We get a chance to wear those fabulous fashion pieces we love as well as to enjoy family and friends.  There are holiday parties and gift exchanges, as well as many delicious, albeit dangerous sweets to indulge in.  Enjoy!

Q0Hck16uOdMEndrv1BNmW8vn2HQZZ_7QwZGomy0oBTAEarly December is a great time to make a Christmas wish list and to ask others you will be shopping for to do the same. These lists are not just for kids, but for anyone on your holiday shopping list.  Just think of the benefit of having a “heads up” from those special people in your life, as you look for their perfect gift.  Knowing what your family and friends would like will be a big plus as you do your shopping this year.  It will also help you to have more time to enjoy the gifts of the season that can’t be bought in stores.


Have some fun this holiday season and start building your online Christmas wish lists today!


Ready, Set, Shop!  Black Friday is here and at Komarov Clothing we are hosting an in-store sale all day, as well as some fabulous online values. Today is an unofficial holiday for all of us fashion lovers and smart shoppers, so let’s celebrate all of the deals!CqW0t-g5HfS3sNbwyusXW8p87LIRXeywGmH0t22MS3s

Join us in store or online for Black Friday specials. You will find many “just right” gifts for those on your list – including yourself!

8luzNrjRrjpZMF55iAIs53DGklRaRmMDPUdXYzQDsn8Happy Shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We would like to extend our warmest gratitude and thanks to all of you this holiday and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!Happy-Thanksgiving-Day-Pic-26At this time of acknowledging our bountiful gifts,we honor that we would not be Komarov Clothing without our fabulous shoppers and fellow bloggers.764aa45b37d896c9113c685ffab2e2bdWherever you enjoy your holiday meal, may it be a wonderful celebration of all you have to be thankful for. We will be counting many blessings at our table. Hoping that you all will be too.

What to Wear for Thanksgiving

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

Thanksgiving is upon us and here at Komarov, we want to be sure you have the perfect outfit to celebrate in. Because you may not get the opportunity to see your families often, we want to help you to do so in style.

Cjy3DE4BEKLl5IILeGyIJjFihRQLiZeMp1ue85WfzwUWhat will you wear when you enjoy your holiday reunion with your loved ones this year? Whether you want to go for a more dressy option or a casual one, we will make sure you both look and feel fabulous at the same time.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday in comfort and style with Komarov.zSGS2CyhDDRuqgkwxHFFgBeH8aiNsmEAj0e8r_TNPOs


The colors of autumn abound!  Throughout this transformational season, shades of gold, rust, amber, orange, green and red surround us.  Foliage has been altered, seemingly overnight, as the magic of nature takes its course.  Leaves become works of art, offering rich and amazing views all around us.

Wherever you are experiencing the richness of fall, whether it is in the countryside areas of Vermont, with its organic glory just before the snows of winter come,

Vermont: from Shelley Komarov's  Travel Album

From Shelley Komarov’s Travel Album

or a more man-made “miracle” such as the spectacular Pavlovsk Park in Russia, take a moment to witness the wonders of this season’s luscious splendor.

Pavlovsk: from Shelley Komarov’s Travel Album

As you appreciate the changes Fall brings to outdoor scenery, notice that wardrobes are changing too.  Gone now are the pale pinks and corals of summer and in their place are bordeaux, raisin, burgundy and plum.

What’s your favorite Fall color?  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, why not add a Komarov piece in a fabulous rich shade of it to your collection?  Like trees that prepare for fresh growth, add something new to your closet this season.

You deserve it!