Planning a big event like a wedding?

Planning a big event like a wedding? Think about a very important detail: shoes!

Why shoes? Wedding is a long lasting affair. Many times we pick shoes that look like the best fit for the dress, only to discover later that they are not comfortable. How many times I’ve heard “These shoes are  killing me!”

My advice: pick two pairs. One in which you will greet your guests and seat at the ceremony, and another one which you can change to for dinner and dancing.

If your wedding is on grass, think about shoes or sandals that are appropriate for the occasion; if it is on a sand, sometimes flip-flops are the best!

Try your dress with both pairs. You do not want to trip or fall because your dress is too long. With some of the today’s dresses to shorten them is a big deal. An alteration can cost as much as the dress.

At Komarov we think about such things! All our dresses can be shorten very easily and inexpensively. Here are a few of my favorite dresses for a garden or for a beach wedding.


Long dresses are in vogue today!

Pick up the shawl! Most of our dresses come with shawls but even if not, we have shawls with many different colors available on our website, and a matching clutch!

Shawl will protect you not only from breeze but from mosquitos too. Remember, mosquitos and sand fleas will crush the party at dusk, especially if it is a beach event.


Have a great time!


Spring Wedding

Spring is the time for weddings. Many times when I am at Nordstrom on my Personal Appearances, I keep hearing the same question: What colors are appropriate for my daughter’s or son’s wedding? Should I have to use the same colors as the wedding party?Absolutely not! You should not clash with the colors of the wedding party, and you should not clash with your daughter in-law if she wants you to wear a particular color, even if this is not your favorite one. The rule of thumb: wear something that would not make you the focus of the party. This is the day of the bride! At Komarov we have a great selection of outfits for this occasion.

For destination weddings Komarov outfits are the best! They do not wrinkle, you can stuff them in the carry-on bags, you can wash them in a sink if you spilled something.  As for a big wedding dresses, think carefully how you are going to transport it. It can be a problem sometimes. I heard a horror story that a bride flying to the wedding destination could not fit the dress in the overhead compartment and the airline did not have any storage to put the dress! Well, today, when airlines try to utilize every single space, it can be a problem. Do you have to purchase a separate ticket for the dress?

Good luck and have a beautiful wedding!




Oscars 2016

February is the Oscars time. Members of Academy are required to visit screenings and annual Guilds Awards celebrations.

This year  the Costume Designers Guild Awards  ceremony was on February 23rd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The 2016 Career Achievement Award we gave to Ellen Mirojnick and the Lacoste Spotlight Award to Cate Blanchett.

Quentin Tarantino  received the Distinguished Collaborator Award.

The winner in the Fantasy Film category went to Jenny Beaven for Mad Max: Fury Road, and in the Period Film category to Paco Delgado for The Danish Girl.

The latter was my favorite nominee for the Oscar, but the Oscar went To Jenny Beaven.

The Costume Designers Guild Awards  ceremony was the black tie event and I was very happy surprised to find 3 guests wearing Komarov dresses!

Looking at the fashion on the Oscar night, I have to admit that all the leading ladies looked good. My favorite was Cate Blanchett’s dress by Armani and Alicia Vikander’s yellow number. Cate dress was very romantic and perfect for her complexion. The yellow dress  was very interesting, in the color that is rarely used. Brie Larson’s pleated blue dress by Gucci  was not among my favorites.

In the past the dress parade at Oscar ceremonies produced so much anticipation, it was a competition of famous Hollywood designers. Today the Oscar ceremony is controlled by product placements of Big Fashion Houses and the element of surprise is completely lost!

All the leading ladies now work with stylists who are completely influenced by Fashion Houses that try to place their products for publicity on the biggest night. The time when a star would hire her favorite designer to create a unique dress is gone.

 I remember the time when Gina Davis designed her own dress, a hideous one, I have to admit, but it was fun! Everybody discussed that. What is now to discuss?  Who is better, Gucci or Dior?

Well, they all are good, made with good taste! But your self- expression is lost.

Looks like we have to wait when the product placement trend will be replaced by something else. What I learned over the years is that nothing lasts forever, so let’s wait!






While working with Loretta Young on the film “Lady in the corner”, where she was portraying the famous editor of the Vogue magazine,

I made an extensive research . One of the things that struck me was the amount of jewelries Deana Vreeland was wearing. Of course, that was her famous signature look.

In the 80s we liked to wear chunky jewelry, those heavy bangles, and a lot of them. I have to confess, I loved them! Today though, they often become a source of inconvenience rather than fun, especially when you have to take them off while going through the airport security. I could put together a good collection from some of my bangles that I left at security check at many airports.

During my travels I always admired French women who would wear very little amount of jewelries but always with some elegant scarf. Lately scarfs became my own staples. I think a shawl or a scarf are the most useful accessories .You can use them in many different situations. You can cover your arms if you are in a sleeveless dress for any reason, whether it is because you are cold or just because you don’t like the way your arms look. It even may be helpful to cover your bulging stomach after a heavy dinner.

Scarf can give a spark to any outfit. At Komarov we have a big selection of scarves and shawls  in many colors . Take a look! We even have a video showing what can you do with a scarf and a shawl. Watch, it, try it!

Shelley Komarov



Komarov Clutch

During my career of a costume designer for movies and TV, I always had to carefully choose the kind of a bag for an actress to wear depending on the character she played. Naturally, for the evening dresses I had to find the evening bags.  Well, there is a small problem with those bags. Yes, small,  that’s what they are, often too small even for the most essential things. Okay, maybe for the movies it’s not that important. After all, my actresses did not carry glasses in the bag, neither had they to think about makeups. A makeup artist and a hairdressers were always there on the set.

But what about the real life? How can I squeeze my iPhone, glasses, lipstick, wallet into this little bag? This is why I developed our clutch! Not only it is roomy enough for all your necessities, it also matches your dress. Try it! I hope you will like it!

 Shelley Komarov


Happy Birthday Sofia!

I want to share my personal experience On 4th of July 2015 I have been invited to the party to celebrate 90th birthday of the mother of my friends.

The birthday girl was in a Komarov dress. She came to me, thanked me for the dress  and told me how happy she was to have such a comfortable dress and how many compliments she received for it.

I was very touched, maybe even more so than from many compliments I got from my movie stars. Sofia is an amazing women. She is a pianist, an exceptional piano teacher and at her age (she just turned 90) she still can perform. Just recently she played at the inauguration of the mayor of West Hollywood, and I do not think there has been any significant concert in the city of LA that she missed.

Happy Birthday Sofia!

Shelley Komarov

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A touching letter from one of our followers


Dear Komarov,

I did not expect to hear back from your company at all, and was very pleasantly surprised by your prompt reply and generosity. I spoke to your customer service department who was indeed both helpful and gracious. I will most certainly continue to shop for your beautiful designs. 

As a BTW I would like to share with you the story of how I became an “exporter” of Komarov clothing to Sweden; 

My sister was recovering from a serious illness, and her recovery was slow and tedious. A few days before I was due to leave US to visit her I was browsing Nordstrom, looking for something that might cheer her up, and I stumbled across a beautiful dress by Komarov (which I had never heard of before) in the perfect shades of blue. I know she would love the colors and the gentle floaty feel of the dress. Not only did she like it, that dress became an inspiration, it hung on the outside of her wardrobe door for over three months, egging her on to keep working on getting better. The joy she, and all those who love her felt when she finally could put the dress on to go dancing with her husband was, as Master card would put it, priceless! Now, many, many dresses/skirts/tops later, whether I am wearing something myself or bringing one of your creations for my family it is not just a piece of clothing, it is a reminder to never give up, and always take time to enjoy the moment.

Thank you,




(LOS ANGELES, CA; MARCH 30, 2015) – Shelley Komarov, a multiple Emmy Award winner with extensive experience as a Hollywood costume designer and owner of a successful fashion line, announces Know Thyself, an in-depth exploration of style, fashion, and self awareness. Loaded with insightful advice that should help developing self-confidence in all women, regardless of their age and shape, this book brings a well-rounded and thoughtful approach to beauty.

 “With decades of working in Hollywood costume design, I strive to inspire women through my experiences,” Komarov says. “Every anecdote and tip in this book is brought with great intention, giving my readers an opportunity to relate to my struggles, while being empowered by my successes.”

Know Thyself reveals star-making secrets fostered from firsthand knowledge, and brought to readers through approachable and affordable techniques. Using methods typically practiced by a brigade of stylists, designers, and make-up and hair stylists, Komarov guides women on how to look and feel like a star without big studio budgets and teams. While containing a treasure chest of practical advice related to fashion and style, the book includes many amusing episodes from her extensive career in Hollywood. That, of course, makes the book not only extremely useful as a self-improvement tool, but also very entertaining.

 Komarov’s accolades span from her renowned pedigree in both television and film. She has won three Emmys throughout her regal career for “The Kennedy’s of Massachusetts,” “Frank Sinatra,” ‘Introducing Dorothy Dandridge,” and an Emmy nomination for “A Woman Named Jackie.”  On the big screen, Komarov’s vast creativity appeared in modern and period costumes including the contemporary “The Peacemaker” starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman; Martha Coolidge helmed period movies “Lost in Yonkers,” “Three Wishes,” and “My Girl 2;” and Richard Linklater’s “The Newton Boys” starring Matthew McConaughey, Julianna Margulies, and Ethan Hawke.

 Shelley Komarov is a member of the Motion Picture Academy and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. In 1993 she received the Citizen of Honor Award from Beverly Hills and is a fellow recipient of the Peter the Great medal from the St. Petersburg-Los Angeles Society, amid other honorary and professional distinctions. Komarov initiated her own fashion line during the late 1990s, which achieved an enthusiastic acceptance and is now distributed in major stores such as Nordstrom, as well in numerous U.S. and international boutiques.

 Know Thyself will be available starting April 19th on as a Kindle edition. To learn more about Shelley Komarov and her current fashion work, visit or Instagram- @komarovstyle.


Komarov Enterprises, Inc

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Costume Designers Guild Awards

The 17th Costume Designers Guild Awards ceremony, hosted by charming Emmy Rossum, was held on 17th of February at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The Career Achievement Award was received by Aggie Rogers and was presented to her by Harrison Ford.

The Lacoste Spotlight Award was awarded to Naomi Watts.

The Edith Head Award went to Deborah Nadoolman Landis for the landmark exhibition “Hollywood Costume”.

The award in the contemporary film category went to Albert Wolsky for ” Birdman”, and in the Period Film category to Milena Canonero for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

My favorite director Richard Linklater, with whom I’ve worked on “The Newton Boys “ which stars Julianna Margulies and Mathew McConnaughey, received The Distinguished Collaborator Award.



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Komarov Family to yours!  Wishing you a joyous day in which everything goes flawlessly.  We hope you are able to enjoy it with friends, family, and loved ones. We wanted to begin ours by taking a moment to be thankful and appreciative of what we have and hope you will have an opportunity to do so today also.614f53ae1e14f01d54c76ef23063170e

Merry Christmas!