True Hollywood Story!

It is true! We do have our Hollywood story!
Shelly Komarov, the founder of Komarov Inc., was a successful costume designer in Hollywood. She had dressed the most fabulous people in Hollywood for years, including Nicole Kidman, Hally Berry, George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey as well as many other Hollywood royalties. For her hard work she received 4 Emmy awards and 5 Emmy nominations. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for one incident that happened in New York at the Plaza Hotel.
Shelly’s dynamic work required extensive traveling for location shoots. In the early 90s she was working on a Sinatra film that was shooting in New York. After it wrapped, Shelly and her friend decided to go out for a celebratory dinner. Shelly had a fashionable linen suit carefully packet and saved for the occasion and her friend had her designer silk dress prepared as well. When Shelly took out her linen suit from her suitcase, and her friend her dress, they faced a complete disaster! As Shelly described it, they looked like “unmade beds.”
Plaza hotel concierge gladly offered their dry cleaning services, but they had a 24 hour turnaround and their dinner was just in 2 hours!
Shelly and her friend used all possible methods to straighten the look of the suit and the dress. One of the methods was hanging clothes in the bathroom while hot water was running from the shower to have that extra steam straighten the clothes….
All efforts were useless and the two friends arrived at the super-popular Russian Tearoom in wrinkled clothes.
This was the “aha” moment for Shelly that pushed her to search for a solution for the “travel disasters”. It took a few more years until the right solution was found.
Now Shelly and Komarov devotees courageously travel all over the world just with carry-on luggage thanks to the specially engineered Komarov clothes that do not wrinkle, do not require steamer or iron, and of course, look fabulous!
The Secret is in the special pleating technique that changes the structure of the fabric, making it soft, drapable and body-friendly. When packed clothes can be made into a small ball, so require very little space in the suitcase.
To see the magic of the clothes in action, order a dress today and discover what you have been missing all these years!


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