Magic of Dressing Well!

“Walk like you have three men walking behind you.” – Oscar de la Renta

Sometimes we forget that part of the fun of dressing well is attracting postive attention. Sometimes we are even hesitant to admit that we do dress in part to attract.
At Komarov we celebrate women who are so confident in their outlook on life that there is no fear of having a little fun and dressing to look good and be attractive.
Life can be full of joy if we focus on it. We can find joy in our daily lives in little things: in decorating the home with fresh cut flowers from our garden, inviting a girlfriend out for tea, baking some cookies, dancing to your favorite tune, putting on a nice dress and cute heels to feel good even if you’re just going to have a dinner at home. Little pleasures add up and result in an uplifted mood, in a fresh outlook on life and just a pleasant day!
Try dressing up for dinner tonight, spray on some perfume, put on some lip gloss and turn on some pleasant music! Let the magic begin!
Send us some pictures of your magical Komarov moments and we will post it on our Facebook page!




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