“Full closet, but nothing to wear”

Have you ever experienced looking at a full closet and not finding anything to wear?
You are not alone, we all have.
Why is that?

There can be several reasons:
1.Overcrowded closet: maybe you just cannot see what you have since it is not organized well.
Invest in new furniture pieces or boxes that will help in the process of organizing. Spend a Sunday afternoon organizing your closet.

2.Not knowing which items can be styled together.
Many stylish women spend some time planning their outfits and even hanging them in closet by outfits and not by items, which makes dressing a breeze!

3 Maybe you have a lot of outdated clothes that do not fit right, bring out bad memories or simply are out of fashion.
Whatever is the case you need to clear them out in order to create space for new things.
Out with the old and in with the new.  Give it away or sell it on eBay but don’t keep clothes that you don’t wear.  It creates a stagnant energy. Invest couple of hours sorting out your closet. You will instantly feel lighter and be ready to get the new and fabulous clothes that make you feel great and that you’ll want to wear them over and over again!
These are our Komarovinc.com suggestions.  Do you have other recommendations on how to deal with the “full closet, but nothing to wear” situation?


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