Wear a work of ART and be a work of ART!

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.”

Oscar Wilde

Our company started from a question “How to make clothes to not wrinkle when you’re traveling?” but it evolved into a true art form.

Komarov dress

It is hard to imagine in today’s world but all our dresses are HANDMADE in the United States!!!


Each of them goes through an elaborate process of crinkling, wrinkling, pleating, pressing, printing that is all done by hand by our talented employees that have been with our company almost since the beginning.

Komarov pleating

We use traditional techniques of pleating (the secret of making our clothes fit fantastic on every BODY and to not wrinkle!) alongside with new state-of–the-art methods that we created ourselves.


Our Pleat Engineer Olga pioneered some of the most amazing and complicated pleating techniques that we use today by calculating each pleat with the precision of an architect.

Komarov pleating

Then our in house “Mad Scientist” Sergey created and built printing, rolling, cutting machines that are absolutely unique!

Komarov pleats

We will talk in more detail about each pleating process, but we just wanted you to know: when you wear Komarov, you are wearing a work of art!Komarov dress


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