Thanksgiving is SOON!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and besides worrying about the table decor and recipes, we are looking for that perfect outfit that will be great for the occasion.

Thanksgiving dinner

What should we consider when picking an outfit? Well these simple guidelines would make picking the right dress a “piece of cake” …or rather a “piece of pumpkin pie”.

Komarov dress

First of all think about where you are going to be and what you are going to do.

If you are the hostess and going to be busy with kitchen work make sure the dress you pick is easy to move in and great looking, since the hostess sets the tone of the evening.

If you are a guest, try to find out from the hostess if it is a formal or a casual affair.

If it is less formal, it does not mean wearing everyday clothes. Wear a nice top with darker jeans and use some accessories to spice up the look.  Also, keep the make up more casual to not look overly done.

For a dressier affair, elegant style will work for any setting, preferably in dark, jewel tones that will compliment the candlelight setting. Since Thanksgiving is usually a family affair, try to keep your outfits on the conservative side, since overly sexy styles would not be appropriate.

Dressing well adds to your positive mood and well-being.  If you are in a great mood, you will contribute to the party’s overall setting and end up having a fabulous night!

Dress up, have a great time and send us your pictures in your Komarov outfits!



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