How to Pack Light with Komarov designs

Komarov clothes were created to solve the “Traveling Light” dilemma and eventually became the Number One choice for stylish light packers.

For people who never traveled Komarov Style we have a little photo story!

In this little Photo story we are trying to demonstrate a little “Light Packing” with Komarov clothes .

Take a Closer Look!

marine-smoke-ombre_14 modern-brush-print_44

Our “Light travel with Komarov ” suggestion is for a week’s worth of travel. We are trying to pack 7 dresses and 6 tops: 2 outfits per day (daytime and for dinner).

In this story you are wearing ON You: your Jeans (or black pants/leggings) , Tee Shirt (or cashmere sweater depending on the weather)  and a Blazer/Cardigan/Coat/Shawl (again depending on the weather) and flat casual shoes.

One Styling example might be:


Then this is what we suggest for your Carry On luggage:


Adding more Clothes:


Still need to add one more Cocktail dress, Dressy Shoes, Toiletries, Underwear/Lingerie.


Are we done yet?


Indeed we are!

One week of wardrobe : 2 Changes per day: That is 14 outfits!!!

ALL in your CARRY ON !!!

What can be better?!

Your clothes will look as fresh and new as when you folded them and put them in your suitcase!

Komarov clothes do not wrinkle!

And as a added bonus they are easily washable (even in your hotel sink) in case you want to extend your holiday!

To make your wardrobe FULLY complete trow in some bikini pieces and silk scarfs in the side pockets and you are fully prepared for any holiday surprises!



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