Great Art

Great artwork is typically divided into three distinct categories: modern, impressionist,
and expressionist. Each with their own style and background, these artforms all offer a
little something for everyone’s unique art palette.

Impressionist is a form of art in which the artist depicts the image of an object as
someone would witness it as if they had only gotten a quick glimpse of it. Some of the
most renowned impressionist artists included Camille Pissaro, Edouard Manet, Berthe
Morisot and Edgar Degas. A truly fine work of art which displays typical impressionist
styles is the famous painting, Sunrise, by Clause Monet.


Expressionist art depicts emotionally meaning rather than the physical reality of a
certain subject – often resulting in a more abstract form of art. Many of the world’s
most famous artists were expressionists, some of which being, Edvard Munch, Vincent
van Gogh, and Paul Klee. A well-known painting that falls under the category of
expressionism is The Scream, by Edvard Munch.


Modern art typically refers to art that was produced in the late 1860 up until the 1970s.
This style drifted away from traditional standards in order to create a final product that
emphasizes individual sensibility. Popular modern artists include Henri Matisse, Frank
Stella and David Smith. Among these talented artists, Henri Matisse is most renowned
due to his captivating painting known as The Open Window.


Whether you prefer impressionist, impressionist or modern forms of art, if you are
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