Amsterdam serves up an array of traditional food that help to further define the city and
its citizens. Those who travel to Amsterdam will be invited to taste delicious treats with
tons of distinct flavors such as sweet, salty and even, spicy.
There may be a lot of different meals, snacks and delights to choose from in
Amsterdam, but to help make your decision making a tad bit easier, here are some of
the most scrumptious food that this city has to offer.

Patat is an Amsterdam food that is similar to the traditional french fry but much
more thick, crispy and topped with mayonnaise and onions. Additionally there are
stroopwafels, which are great for those with a sweet tooth as they are a cookie that is
filled with delectable syrup. Stamppot is surely the most popular food In Amsterdam.
This dish consists of mashed potatoes and vegetables served with a hefty dose of
rockwurst. These foods are sure to having you going back for seconds.

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