Winter Wonderland

For those who like to embrace all that the winter season has to offer, there are a variety
of lavish resorts which offer fun and exciting ways for people to enjoy the snow and
chilly temperatures while it lasts – without having to shovel sidewalks and scrape ice off
of your windshield, of course.


Resorts and lodges in quintessential winter destinations are the best choice for those
looking to venture off to a true winter wonderland. Cities in the United States known for
their five-star snow accommodations include Aspen, Vail, and Lake Tahoe. Many of
these resorts place your a hike away from some the the worlds most refined slope-side
accommodations. Additionally, they treat their guests to luxurious breakfasts, upscale
spa treatments and warm, cozy fires.

Whatever your cold weather pleasure may be, be sure to dress warm! The Trench from
Komarov Clothing ensures that you remain warm and stylish during your snow filled



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