NY Museums

There are numerous must-see cultural goldmines in New York , most of them being
museums. When you are headed off on an exciting vacation to New York, it is in your
best interest to incorporate a few of these admirable museums into your itinerary.
Located in the heart of New York, the American Museum of Natural History offers not
only sophisticated pieces of art but a planetarium, complex dioramas and even the the
skeleton of ‘Lucy”, the oldest known proof of human evolution.

If art is more your taste, you will be delighted with the Whitney Museum of American Art.
This museum showcases an array of some of the most stunning works of art from the
20th century as well as over 12,000 works from a collection of renowned artists such as
Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, and Knox Martin.


While getting a special look at the history of the world and the art that it has to offer, you
should be dressed appropriately. Chose something casual yet elegant when taking a
trip to a New York museum. A great option would be the Chiffon Loose Fit Blouse by
Komarov Clothing, paired with a nice pair of slacks.


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