Best Sushi Restaurants in the US

America’s palate is quickly becoming more sophisticated than ever, therefore, the popularity of sushi is soaring to an all-time high. The United States is home to some of the best and most delicious sushi restaurants that serve up high-class meals that are an upgrade from the classic California roll that we typically indulge in.


Makoto in Washington D.C is a quaint restaurant that delivers a variety of fish both raw or flash grilled that are paired with courses that range from luscious layers of tofu to fresh vegetables lightly fried in tempura butter.

Another one of the best Sushi restaurants is surely Urasawa in Los Angeles. The chef and owner, Hiroyuki Urasawa, flies in fresh fish each day so your know your are getting served

The versatile menu and scrumptious taste is what often lures guests into the Yutaka Sushi Bistro in Dallas, Texas. Another one of the best sushi restaurants, Yukata is owned by Yutaka Yamato who enjoys keeping his menu choices just as fresh as his fish which he purchased from both coasts of the country for a vast variety of mouthwatering rolls.

Each and every one of these Sushi Restaurants serve up meals in an elegant setting which means your should dress to the occasion. The beautiful water color pieces from Komarov Clothing are appropriate and sophisticated choices for your special night at one of the best sushi restaurants in the United States.


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