How to make the most of your Cruise

With summer right around the corner, chances are a luxurious cruise is in your future. If so, it is important that your make the most of your tropical retreat.

A great way to make your cruise as memorable as can be is to try something new. Fight back your fears and try a new food such as cavia or lobster. Or perhaps it is time to partake in a new and exciting activities such as kayaking, scuba diving or even zip-lining. Your will have tons of adventurous opportunities to make new memories – embrace them!


Your are on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, this is not time time to set indoors! This is your time to wake-up early and catch a breathtaking view of the sunrise, it is time to gaze at the stars and cannonball into the luscious, blue waters. When it is all said and done,  you’ll be happy you made the effort to indulge in the beauty that the ocean has to offer.

Many cruises offer a formal night. This is a great time for your to dress up in one of the stunning dresses that Komarov Clothing has to offer. Donning one of their designers dresses with your significant other or family during formal night is a surefire way to treat yourself to a little bit of elegance.

Making the most of your cruise is easy! It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and treating yourself to some much deserved luxury.


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