Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

There are big zoos and there are smalls zoos but there are some that are just plain amazing. The world offers zoos that are sure to leave your jaws dropped in pure delight over some of the most stunning creatures. Below are some of the most amazing zoos that you can find around the world:


1. The Basel Zoo – Scotland
Home to more than 6,000 animals, including cheetahs, blue-crowned hanging parrots and a dwarf hippopotamus, you’ll want to take an entire day to stroll around this zoo so you can see all that it has to offer!

2. Zoo Praha – Prague
There are over 650 species to be discovered in the zoo Praha. Included is an Indonesian Jungle and a Monkey Island Exhibit that you are sure to adore.

3. Beauval Zoo – France
If you’re interested in white tigers, pandas, and manatees than this is the place to go! The Beauval zoo is home to these creatures as well as 4,000 others.

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