Gemstones are an amazing way to compliment your style and complete your outfits. If you’re looking for a way to add a little pizazz to your jewelry collection, you may want to consider some of these beautiful gemstones:


1. Agate – With many shapes and colors, agate is found in volcanic rocks and is absolutely stunning.

2. Malachite – Perfect for women who live the colors green and white, this gemstone boasts outstanding colors that makes beautiful pieces of jewelry.

3. Melanite – This gemstone is known for its mysterious, shiny black style.

4. Tiger’s Eye – Surely one of the most mesmerising gemstones you will ever come across, the tiger’s eye will pop on anyone will dark hair!

Other gorgeous gemstones to add to your jewelry collection include moonstone, labradorite, rose gold and bloodstone. No matter which one of these natural stones you chose to add to your jewelry box, you’ll be able to find a dress from Komarov designs that coordinates with in perfectly!


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