The best countries for stargazing offer wide open spaces and open skies. Looking up at the sky at night is one of Mother Nature’s most wonderful gifts. These spectacular shows are completely free which only makes them that more marvelous. Next time you’re in one of the following countries be sure to take a look up at the sky during the night hours and be prepared to be amazed!


The United States offers star-gazers the McDonald Observatory in Tacas and the Lowell Observatory in Arizona. Each of these destinations are characterized by their clear skies that offer the perfect view of the twinkling sensations that we all love. The Southern Hemisphere of Australia allows you to make an infinite number of wishes as your look up into the sky to be embraced with an endless amount of shooting stars. The stars will appear to be like works of art in this country.


As you’re preparing yourself for a night of gazing at the stars, select a dress from Komarov designs so you can look as gorgeous as the stars sparkling in the night sky in one of these countries.


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