Unique Art

There are many different perceptions of art and chances are, there are a plethora that you have never heard of. Here are several out-of-the-world art forms that are sure to blow your mind:

Matchstick Art: In this art form, the artists makes sculptures out of a mixture of unlit and lit matches. Things brings the phrase “playing with matches” to a whole new level.


Tin Foil Art: Tin foil art can range from carvings in the foil all the way to sculptures. It is truly amazing how artists can take something that people typically use to cover food and transform it into a true masterpiece.


Popcorn Artists: One of the most popular popcorn artists is Harry Kallenberg who makes intricate pieces of art by drawing on pieces of popcorn. Some of his works of art include a replica of Mickey Mouse!

If you plan on heading to a local art gallery or festival in hopes of witnessing some unique forms of art, step out in a dress from Komarov designs to leave everyone in awe over your beauty.


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