Summer 2014: The Summer of Weddings

This summer seemed to be filled with weddings.  Love really is in the air.  One of the major trends for these ceremonies was holding them at the beach, a venue which can be exquisite, especially because of its simplistic beauty.

Because weather is unpredictable, you may have to keep your fingers crossed before your event, but with a great wedding planner and Mother Nature on your side, a wedding on the beach can be anything but ordinary.  What a truly amazing place to unionize two people.  Where else can you get the beauty of the ocean as your backdrop?


One of my favorite color schemes at beach weddings this year was turquoise, pink and white.  These three colors complement each other and the hues of sand and sea perfectly.  They lend a more elegant look to the natural setting.

In line with this color choice, the Komarov champagne pink dress is perfect.  Perhaps a bridesmaid dress?


Seashells by the seashore are wonderful, on hand accessories and a must have at any wedding on the beach.  Small shells are a perfect addition to any centerpiece, offering a beautiful, subtle touch to your decorations.


One way to get really creative at the beach is through outdoor lighting.  Opt to use as many candles as possible for a romantic look.  Hopefully the wind will be on your side for your special day.

Congratulations to all you newlyweds out there!  We wish you much happiness.  And for those planning your dream wedding, best of luck!


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