Destination Weddings

When I think “destination wedding,” my mind conjures up a romantic “toes in the sand” exchange of vows.  I think of a tropical island or beautiful all-inclusive resort like Beaches in Cancun, Mexico.  There are so many places in the world to host a beautiful getaway wedding.  So, if gathering your “nearest and dearest” and heading off to a far away place for the big day is your dream, you will want to plan it as far in advance as possible.f467cf0d12d40c5d96765b39b290e1d8

These type of weddings are ideal for a smaller guest list, which makes it easier to share an intimate get away over a few days with those you are closest to.  Surprisingly, depending on where you live, destination weddings can actually be more reasonable than having one back home. Hosting your event during a particular spot’s “off-season” is a terrific way to go.  Rates are usually discounted so you won’t break the bank for your guests.

Even if money isn’t an issue for you, it may be for some of them.  Keep in mind, that the best time of year for a particular venue will also be when it hosts more tourists. Because of this, prices may go up quickly, not only for the site of your event, but for airline flights to get there.  Booking early can be a great way to lock in reasonable rates so that those you really want to be there will be able to come.


Wherever your dream destination may be, make it a fun and creative experience by doing your research and checking out Pinterest for some amazing ideas.


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