The colors of autumn abound!  Throughout this transformational season, shades of gold, rust, amber, orange, green and red surround us.  Foliage has been altered, seemingly overnight, as the magic of nature takes its course.  Leaves become works of art, offering rich and amazing views all around us.

Wherever you are experiencing the richness of fall, whether it is in the countryside areas of Vermont, with its organic glory just before the snows of winter come,

Vermont: from Shelley Komarov's  Travel Album

From Shelley Komarov’s Travel Album

or a more man-made “miracle” such as the spectacular Pavlovsk Park in Russia, take a moment to witness the wonders of this season’s luscious splendor.

Pavlovsk: from Shelley Komarov’s Travel Album

As you appreciate the changes Fall brings to outdoor scenery, notice that wardrobes are changing too.  Gone now are the pale pinks and corals of summer and in their place are bordeaux, raisin, burgundy and plum.

What’s your favorite Fall color?  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, why not add a Komarov piece in a fabulous rich shade of it to your collection?  Like trees that prepare for fresh growth, add something new to your closet this season.

You deserve it!


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