A touching letter from one of our followers


Dear Komarov,

I did not expect to hear back from your company at all, and was very pleasantly surprised by your prompt reply and generosity. I spoke to your customer service department who was indeed both helpful and gracious. I will most certainly continue to shop for your beautiful designs. 

As a BTW I would like to share with you the story of how I became an “exporter” of Komarov clothing to Sweden; 

My sister was recovering from a serious illness, and her recovery was slow and tedious. A few days before I was due to leave US to visit her I was browsing Nordstrom, looking for something that might cheer her up, and I stumbled across a beautiful dress by Komarov (which I had never heard of before) in the perfect shades of blue. I know she would love the colors and the gentle floaty feel of the dress. Not only did she like it, that dress became an inspiration, it hung on the outside of her wardrobe door for over three months, egging her on to keep working on getting better. The joy she, and all those who love her felt when she finally could put the dress on to go dancing with her husband was, as Master card would put it, priceless! Now, many, many dresses/skirts/tops later, whether I am wearing something myself or bringing one of your creations for my family it is not just a piece of clothing, it is a reminder to never give up, and always take time to enjoy the moment.

Thank you,



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