Komarov Clutch

During my career of a costume designer for movies and TV, I always had to carefully choose the kind of a bag for an actress to wear depending on the character she played. Naturally, for the evening dresses I had to find the evening bags.  Well, there is a small problem with those bags. Yes, small,  that’s what they are, often too small even for the most essential things. Okay, maybe for the movies it’s not that important. After all, my actresses did not carry glasses in the bag, neither had they to think about makeups. A makeup artist and a hairdressers were always there on the set.

But what about the real life? How can I squeeze my iPhone, glasses, lipstick, wallet into this little bag? This is why I developed our clutch! Not only it is roomy enough for all your necessities, it also matches your dress. Try it! I hope you will like it!

 Shelley Komarov



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