While working with Loretta Young on the film “Lady in the corner”, where she was portraying the famous editor of the Vogue magazine,

I made an extensive research . One of the things that struck me was the amount of jewelries Deana Vreeland was wearing. Of course, that was her famous signature look.

In the 80s we liked to wear chunky jewelry, those heavy bangles, and a lot of them. I have to confess, I loved them! Today though, they often become a source of inconvenience rather than fun, especially when you have to take them off while going through the airport security. I could put together a good collection from some of my bangles that I left at security check at many airports.

During my travels I always admired French women who would wear very little amount of jewelries but always with some elegant scarf. Lately scarfs became my own staples. I think a shawl or a scarf are the most useful accessories .You can use them in many different situations. You can cover your arms if you are in a sleeveless dress for any reason, whether it is because you are cold or just because you don’t like the way your arms look. It even may be helpful to cover your bulging stomach after a heavy dinner.

Scarf can give a spark to any outfit. At Komarov we have a big selection of scarves and shawls  in many colors . Take a look! We even have a video showing what can you do with a scarf and a shawl. Watch, it, try it!

Shelley Komarov



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