Oscars 2016

February is the Oscars time. Members of Academy are required to visit screenings and annual Guilds Awards celebrations.

This year  the Costume Designers Guild Awards  ceremony was on February 23rd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The 2016 Career Achievement Award we gave to Ellen Mirojnick and the Lacoste Spotlight Award to Cate Blanchett.

Quentin Tarantino  received the Distinguished Collaborator Award.

The winner in the Fantasy Film category went to Jenny Beaven for Mad Max: Fury Road, and in the Period Film category to Paco Delgado for The Danish Girl.

The latter was my favorite nominee for the Oscar, but the Oscar went To Jenny Beaven.

The Costume Designers Guild Awards  ceremony was the black tie event and I was very happy surprised to find 3 guests wearing Komarov dresses!

Looking at the fashion on the Oscar night, I have to admit that all the leading ladies looked good. My favorite was Cate Blanchett’s dress by Armani and Alicia Vikander’s yellow number. Cate dress was very romantic and perfect for her complexion. The yellow dress  was very interesting, in the color that is rarely used. Brie Larson’s pleated blue dress by Gucci  was not among my favorites.

In the past the dress parade at Oscar ceremonies produced so much anticipation, it was a competition of famous Hollywood designers. Today the Oscar ceremony is controlled by product placements of Big Fashion Houses and the element of surprise is completely lost!

All the leading ladies now work with stylists who are completely influenced by Fashion Houses that try to place their products for publicity on the biggest night. The time when a star would hire her favorite designer to create a unique dress is gone.

 I remember the time when Gina Davis designed her own dress, a hideous one, I have to admit, but it was fun! Everybody discussed that. What is now to discuss?  Who is better, Gucci or Dior?

Well, they all are good, made with good taste! But your self- expression is lost.

Looks like we have to wait when the product placement trend will be replaced by something else. What I learned over the years is that nothing lasts forever, so let’s wait!






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