Spring Wedding

Spring is the time for weddings. Many times when I am at Nordstrom on my Personal Appearances, I keep hearing the same question: What colors are appropriate for my daughter’s or son’s wedding? Should I have to use the same colors as the wedding party?Absolutely not! You should not clash with the colors of the wedding party, and you should not clash with your daughter in-law if she wants you to wear a particular color, even if this is not your favorite one. The rule of thumb: wear something that would not make you the focus of the party. This is the day of the bride! At Komarov we have a great selection of outfits for this occasion.

For destination weddings Komarov outfits are the best! They do not wrinkle, you can stuff them in the carry-on bags, you can wash them in a sink if you spilled something.  As for a big wedding dresses, think carefully how you are going to transport it. It can be a problem sometimes. I heard a horror story that a bride flying to the wedding destination could not fit the dress in the overhead compartment and the airline did not have any storage to put the dress! Well, today, when airlines try to utilize every single space, it can be a problem. Do you have to purchase a separate ticket for the dress?

Good luck and have a beautiful wedding!




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