Planning a big event like a wedding?

Planning a big event like a wedding? Think about a very important detail: shoes!

Why shoes? Wedding is a long lasting affair. Many times we pick shoes that look like the best fit for the dress, only to discover later that they are not comfortable. How many times I’ve heard “These shoes are  killing me!”

My advice: pick two pairs. One in which you will greet your guests and seat at the ceremony, and another one which you can change to for dinner and dancing.

If your wedding is on grass, think about shoes or sandals that are appropriate for the occasion; if it is on a sand, sometimes flip-flops are the best!

Try your dress with both pairs. You do not want to trip or fall because your dress is too long. With some of the today’s dresses to shorten them is a big deal. An alteration can cost as much as the dress.

At Komarov we think about such things! All our dresses can be shorten very easily and inexpensively. Here are a few of my favorite dresses for a garden or for a beach wedding.


Long dresses are in vogue today!

Pick up the shawl! Most of our dresses come with shawls but even if not, we have shawls with many different colors available on our website, and a matching clutch!

Shawl will protect you not only from breeze but from mosquitos too. Remember, mosquitos and sand fleas will crush the party at dusk, especially if it is a beach event.


Have a great time!


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