Hello Summer!

Summer, the time for vacations, has finally arrived! Before you start contemplating plans for your next vacation, think about going just with a carry-on. That’s how I’ve been traveling for the last 10 years or so. Flying today is a headache by itself, but if you have to change planes for connecting flights, your chances of not getting your luggage at your final destination are quite good. That happened to me many times.

Today practically every airline will charge you for the checked-in luggage. A carry-on that may be allowed on a domestic flight may not be allowed on the international flights. So my suggestion is to invest in a good one that meets the international standards for the size and could be used for traveling to any destination. It’s should not be bigger then 20″.

Now on packing. I suggest to have a small collapsible rack. Put on the rack all the clothes you are planing to take with you. Ditto with shoes. Leave it alone for a day or two. When you return to it, take a hard look at all the choices and think what you really need on your trip. Start packing with shoes since they take more space then everything else.

If you are going to a beach destination – a focus of this post – it’s easy, you do not need a lot. Most places are very casual, flip-flops and sandals will suffice. Do not take heels, especially very high heels, in most places it will be difficult to walk in them and in some places they will actually look quite strange. If your beach destination is in Europe, pack a pair of water shoes as in Europe many beaches are rocky. I always take with me two swimming suits, to have a backup is something happens, and one cover up. Try to have a cover up that will go with both of your swim suits.

As for the summer dress, the light one that can be easily packed is a good choice. At Komarov we have a big selection. Our dresses can be easily packed and you can wear them even with flip flops. Today you can find even the evening versions of flip-flops. And, of course, a hat is always in my bag. Now you can find some that you can fold for easy packing.

With all I’ve said, every time I come home from my trips, I find some clothes that I could’ve left home, and I travel with 20″ carry on! So, be very selective, don’t overload your bags. The less you carry, the easier will be your trip!




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