A Woman Named Jackie

Watching the media frenzy during recent elections, my memories drifted back to 1990 when I was working on a highly anticipated  mini series

“A Woman Named Jackie”. It was based on a controversial best seller by C.David Heymann, a Jacqueline Kennedy’s unauthorized biography.
The book was the first one to address numerous affairs of John Kennedy,
including his affair with Marilyn Monroe.
Jacquie, who was still alive at that time, made efforts to stop the production, but NBC would not back down.
I got caught in the middle of the power struggle when I asked the producers to let me see the Smithsonian collection of the First Lady’s inaugural gowns. I had to duplicate the Jacqueline Kennedy’s inaugural  gown for the film.
The production organized the meeting. I flew to Washington and arrived
at the Smithsonian. They asked me to wait for 15 minutes, then an hour, then 2 hours… At the end I left without seeing the gowns. Later I learned that Jacqueline was on the board of directors and did everything she could to stop any cooperation with the production. I had to copy the dress from photographs.
For “A Women Named Jackie” I received an Emmy nomination and a compliment from Karl Lagerfeld.  It turned out to be one of the most watched miniseries at that time!


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