Marilyn Monroe

2016 is over and we are welcoming 2017 with the hope that it will be a good one.

My memory brings me back to mid-80’s when I was offered to work on a new film
The Christmas Eve with Loretta Young.

Loretta was a Hollywood legend and the fashion icon who by that time did not work for 20 years. When my producer called me, he asked whether I would not mind if Jean Louis would come to our fittings. I was in shock! Of course, I would love to meet him! He was a famous designer who dressed so many stars. Jean Louis was in his 80’s at that time and he was an old friend of Loretta’s. He designed the gowns for Loretta Young’s legendary entrances in 52 episodes of her Loretta Young Show that ran on NBC from 1953 till 1961. Many women were so intrigued with the clothes he designed for Miss Young that they tuned in to the show mainly to see what she was wearing.


 The fittings would start in the morning and finish by late afternoon in Loretta’s house. The Hollywood gossips that was I remember most, are stories from all those fittings.
I want to share one of them with you.

Jean Louis was working on the last Marilyn Monroe film Misfits. When he first came to meet Miss Monroe in her house, the housekeeper asked him to wait in the living room. She was on the phone with John Kennedy. After about 40 minutes, she finished her conversation, and entered the living room in a fur coat and nothing else! Seeing his surprised expression she told him, “You are the designer, so you have to see me!”  Jean Louis said, “Well, well, we will have a lot of hats in this movie!” Later, he made the famous  “beads and skin” dress for her breathless rendition of “Happy Birthday” to President John Kennedy in Madison Square Garden in 1962.
He had to have Miss Monroe sewn into the dress, which gave a new meaning to the term “form fitting.”


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