How to pack Light and Stylish for Summer trips

Summer is the time for travel, whether it is heading with your kids to the beach, visiting friends and relative in other cities or going for vacation in the foreign land.

Whatever it is, the first thing that comes to mind when you plan it is how to pack? On my recent short vacation with my granddaughter to Washington DC I decided to travel light …

Shelley Komarov with her granddaughter Ava in Washington DC

Shelley Komarov with her granddaughter Ava in Washington DC

For comfort, which is very important for me, I choose my favorite pants from Komarov which I can wear with a T-shirt on the plane.

To dress up for dinner – here are my  favorite tops from the spring-summer collection.

Shoes are very important! They have to be both comfortable and go nicely with my outfits.

STYLE1The last minute invitation for a fancy dinner had to change my plans for simplicity. No problem – the black skirt with the black top from Nordstrom collection form Komarov solved the issue.

At the last moment I also packed my white skirt – to be prepared for the hot weather.

Best of all, my entire wardrobe that I picked fitted in my international size soft Tumi carry-on that every carrier allows to bring on board.

Bon voyage!

The Evolution of Red Carpet Fashion

Halle Berry in Valentino

Halle Berry in Valentino. Image source:

The tradition of the Red Carpet dates back to the mid-20th Century when studios ruled Hollywood. Awards shows gave studios an opportunity to showcase their talent for the world to see. Actors and actresses of the time were able to present their individual brand. Not only who they were as people but also highlight the characters they played in the movies. Lauren Bacall’s sexy floor length gowns and Katherine Hepburn’s trend-setting menswear gave the studios their publicity while allowing the Stars to promote their individual fashion.

Over the years, the evolution of design on the red carpet has gone from emphasizing individual style to designer product placement. The innovation we once saw that challenged current trends and revolutionized designs is now held tight in a safe space to hide from Fashion Disaster shows and Red Carpet chatter.

Shelley Komarov of Komarov Inc was a costume designer in Hollywood for many years before starting her own line. The Emmy Award Winning designer states that, “My job as a designer was to collaborate with actors and actresses and to bring my innovation to their unique style.” But in the 1990s, we saw strong shift in how fashion landed on the runway.

Uma Thurman in Prada

Uma Thurman in Prada. Image source:

In 1995, Uma Thurman wore her famous Prada Lilac Gown to the 67th Oscar Awards. Before this, designers had rarely used red carpet to flaunt their new styles and ideas. This dress got so much publicity and attention that designers realized a smash on the red carpet could land more press and buzz than a five-page spread in Vogue. In 2000, Halle Berry wore the game-changing white Valentino dress to the Golden Globes. Even those who didn’t watch the 2000 Grammys knew about J Lo’s V-cut Versace dress. Sometimes the publicity that surrounded the red carpet was bigger than the actual films being promoted.

Shows like E! Fashion Police who scold Stars for their risky fashion choices or magazine who rate red carpet Do’s and Don’ts, have made the red carpet a scary place to showcase fashion. When designers are putting all their money and labor into one dress to show on the red carpet, they shy away from anything to innovation. Playing it safe has become the trend to shield stars from any fashion ridicule. Stylists contribute even more to this problem by becoming the mind behind the celebrity’s fashion choice rather than the individual.

Komarov Shelley

Shelley Komarov with Matthew McConaughey

Komarov states, “Fashion on the red carpet was no longer a collaboration between designer and the actor. It became a place for stylists to water down unique styles and to serve as product placement for various designers.” We see a direct shift with young starlets playing it safe and sending beautiful but boring looks down the red carpet.

Overall this trend is trickling down everywhere. With the exception of trend-setters like Jennifer Lawrence who promote style at every turn, most of the red carpet is about staying between the lines. Emma Roberts may look great at film premieres, but she’s not doing anything to push the envelope or to challenge current trends. If all the young stars continue this trend, mainstream fashion will water down even more. Millennia customers will want more of the same and fashion will be anything but that.

The key to shifting away from this bland trend is to bring the power back to the celebrity and the designer. Bring back the idea of fashion collaboration to blend individual style with innovative ideas. To fight back against the fear of red carpet ridicule and use it as a venue to challenge the status quo and introduce new and exiting ideas while holding true to the style of the individual.

Many of today’s stars should consider the fashion advice of Judy Garland who said, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of somebody else.”

Different Pairings

There is no reason to be weary of this denim trend – there are a multitude of fun ways to wear chambray shirts. Whether dressed up or down, chambray shirts are excellent ways to add extra appeal to your ensembles.

One of the many ways to wear chambray shirts is by pairing them with a skirt, especially floral. The combination of a full mini skirt and one of these marvelous tops creates an instant femme look. For a more casual look, opt for a loose printed maxi skirt instead.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 1.55.10 PM

Lace always works well when it comes to adding a touch of elegance to an outfit so why not pair it with chambray? Tuck your chambray shirt into a pair of tiered, lace shorts for a nice ensemble that is suited for many occasions

The best way to rock a chambray shirt is over a dress such as one from Komarov designs. This combination creates an appearance that boasts style that everyone is sure to take notice of!

Unique Art

There are many different perceptions of art and chances are, there are a plethora that you have never heard of. Here are several out-of-the-world art forms that are sure to blow your mind:

Matchstick Art: In this art form, the artists makes sculptures out of a mixture of unlit and lit matches. Things brings the phrase “playing with matches” to a whole new level.


Tin Foil Art: Tin foil art can range from carvings in the foil all the way to sculptures. It is truly amazing how artists can take something that people typically use to cover food and transform it into a true masterpiece.


Popcorn Artists: One of the most popular popcorn artists is Harry Kallenberg who makes intricate pieces of art by drawing on pieces of popcorn. Some of his works of art include a replica of Mickey Mouse!

If you plan on heading to a local art gallery or festival in hopes of witnessing some unique forms of art, step out in a dress from Komarov designs to leave everyone in awe over your beauty.

Starry Night

Prints are such a fun way to spice up an evening. What’s great is you don’t have to think much about accessories. Simply throw on a simple heel and a small necklace and the dress will speak for itself.

You can get really fun with this whimsical print below. It’s almost the NEW floral taking elements of design from the galaxy, some from the animal print and colors that truly shine!Komarov-4147


The best countries for stargazing offer wide open spaces and open skies. Looking up at the sky at night is one of Mother Nature’s most wonderful gifts. These spectacular shows are completely free which only makes them that more marvelous. Next time you’re in one of the following countries be sure to take a look up at the sky during the night hours and be prepared to be amazed!


The United States offers star-gazers the McDonald Observatory in Tacas and the Lowell Observatory in Arizona. Each of these destinations are characterized by their clear skies that offer the perfect view of the twinkling sensations that we all love. The Southern Hemisphere of Australia allows you to make an infinite number of wishes as your look up into the sky to be embraced with an endless amount of shooting stars. The stars will appear to be like works of art in this country.


As you’re preparing yourself for a night of gazing at the stars, select a dress from Komarov designs so you can look as gorgeous as the stars sparkling in the night sky in one of these countries.


Superfoods are foods that have super health benefits such as combating disease, enhancing immunity and providing much-needed energy boosts If you want your body to love you, incorporate the following superfoods into your diet: kale, lentils, asparagus, pomegranates, quinoa, spirulina and dark chocolate!


Superfoods are crucial to everyone’s diet because they will have you feeling as great and fabulous as you look when sporting a designer dress from Komarov designs!

Hot Looks

In the Summer we all want to look good, but sometimes the heat makes it hard to wear anything too constricting. A loose fitting dress with style is something the best way to go. What’s important to look for is the combination of a more freeing cut, paired with unique lines.

In the Komarov dress below the pleating texture on the side helps add flow to this more open design. Unlike many boxy dresses this won’t leave you feeling boring, but will transcend your wildest dreams!Komarov-3914